I should really stick to one sketchbook at a time. But I’m greedy in all things so that wouldn’t work!

On a regular basis (often from family) I get screamed at “Emilko! (Polish nickname) Get these sketches on flat pieces of paper to frame. What is the point of them sitting in sketchbooks?” I tend to ignore these calls to action. Plenty of time for all of that! I do, occasionally acquiesce on flat pieces of paper but more often than not I revert to the comfort of an A5 sketchbook.


I currently have 3 sketchbooks on the go. One daily journal, a travel journal if I go visit somewhere I consider new and special and worth exploring, and an A5 landscape journal to spread out length wise often for cityscapes and landscapes (landscapes really as I love exploring the countryside).  I also have a sketchbook I have started to call my maverick book – it contains a specific set of sketches that remain private and themed. Sometimes I make notes, sometimes not.

One of these notebooks are always with me wherever I go! My bubblegum pink pencil case with its standard issue of fountain pen, mechanical pencil, Pigma Micron pen and green rubber eraser accompanies its paper partner in crime.

It looks as if I may well be adding an A3 corporate sketchbook to the mix in 2020 too!