My sketching habit has been nothing short of transformational for me.

The sketchbooks that have been filled have not been nearly as important as the process it has taken to get there! Please remember that.

The learning, the dedication to drawing every day and building a healthy habit, the frustrations and successes, and the ability to document a day in new ways, and meeting an entire community of people (including you all!) has spilled into other areas of my life in extraordinary ways.

I love to sketch and I love to share it.

I’ve always loved people and the community I belong to and always aim to share my success wherever I can. What a PRIVILEGE to be able to do so with a pencil and piece of paper!

The next step of my journey is a big one for me.

Some of you will have seen my sketching products that I’ve launched in the last few weeks.  I’m excited to be able to share that I am now partnering with a local charity here in my home town called Re-Furnish. All my hand made vintage pencil cases are being produced by this charity that supports transform the communities they work in.

More transformation!

Doncaster Refurnish is a furniture recycling and reuse project based in the north of Doncaster. Set up at the turn of the century the Charity has been through a number of tough periods, none more so than the last eighteen months.

Most if not all Charities have been hit, as most businesses have been, but Refurnish is not an organisation that ever sits still and certainly doesn’t feel sorry for itself. Seeing an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills with logistics they mobilised and distributed food to vulnerable people at the outset of the pandemic. They also supported an army of some 400 volunteers who were deployed on making medical scrubs for the NHS.

Why is a project that was initially set up to divert second-hand furniture from going into landfill getting involved in making medical scrubs? They use recycling furniture simply as a vehicle for the work that is their forte. (Therein lies a lesson for all of us.  Use your talent to facilitate change!)

Their real work is transformation. Transformation of communities, homes but more importantly people. They have an incredible track record of working with people to help them to become the best that they can become. They have consistently seen people as assets in themselves and not just another individual performing a job role.

Indeed, a significant number of their staff actually started as volunteers with Refurnish learning vital skills that have enabled them to progress into paid work, either with the Charity or elsewhere. That kind of opportunity has the power to change someone’s life. And often does.

This transformation of people is the essence and heartbeat of Refurnish. Using furniture upcycling, re-manufacture and recycling as the vehicle for changing people’s lives has enabled Refurnish to work in some of the most deprived areas of Doncaster and become a beacon of light for many. Long may that continue.

In developing the ethos of Emily’s Notebook I’ve come to realise how important every aspect of my business and supply chain is to being creative. Being able to contract professionally with an organisation that supports others through this creative process, although a challenge at times, is an absolute delight.

To find out more about Re-Furnish check out their Facebook page here!

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