Never underestimate the humble objects in the home. We all have a connection to the “stuff” that helps us live our lives. I regularly capture humour, magic, memories, sense of nostalgia, comfort and security in my sketches.

A bowl of Polish bowls used tirelessley remind me of my heritage and make me laugh at the perilous journey they took in reams of bubble wrap from just outside the outskirts of Wroclaw – weighing a ton.  There is nothing my family hasn’t got through customs including avocados!

A bath tray with tea in a white tea pot that oddly keeps 2 full cups of tea warm. The Swedish tray gifted to me one year by mum.

A china tea cup given to me by one of my closest friends who died a few years ago.  It lives on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboards. To get served tea in it by me means you are special and would probably get her seal of approval!

….And so this list of daily sketched objects could go on! And it does.

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