I work across 9 different Yorkshire and Humber universities.

Each one of them are my favourite.  Why?  They all have a different focus and message at the heart of what they do and teach. They collectively make up a regional narrative that has a massive global impact and it is vital that this is protected as we shift our position on the international stage and away from Europe. Its going to be an interesting few years for education in general but also an opportunity to really think about the educational provision for young people across this region.

How does the education sector connect the dots from cradle to grave and come together to engender a culture of lifelong learning that cuts across the classroom, boardroom and shop floor?

Sheffield Hallam is no exception to the rule. A university that prides itself on engaging with students from deprived backgrounds it spans not only its immediate doorstep but other towns across the South Yorkshire region. It quite rightly prides itself on its credentials and innovative programmes of engagement.

Next time you find yourself parked up in one of Sheffield’s extortionately expensive car parks gazing out across one of its seven hills, perhaps reading the poet laureate’s famous poem, spare a thought for the great work they do.