How can you use a sketchbook to produce a collection of artworks?  Well – I had a stab at it and the result is a collection of works.  Some of you reading this post will have been on my sketchbook journey either via instagram or online over the course of the UK Corona lockdown where documenting the day to day became the norm.

You will have come to recognise some of the signature pieces that first started life as thumbnail sketches on half pages in my square sketchbook.

The result is a series of 9 watercolour paintings that have been birthed out of my sketchbook and started with me gazing at a coffee plunger on my windowsill one Sunday morning. This was an image that I wanted to expand into a series of paintings that give a nod toward the good things amidst so much that seemed to be bad. The things that we suddenly started to have time to enjoy. They look great in any type of kitchen. The grey frames and double mounts (white with an edging of yellow peeping through) suited to most kitchen wall colours. They are now on sale separately or as an entire collection.

Four of the images are being made into prints and I’m toying with a card collection too!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the process of painting and putting them together.

Emily x