I love to sketch the indoors as well as the outdoors.  One is connected to the other and from a drawing perspective you could argue that paying attention to perspective and line is equally important indoors and out!

I spend a lot of time working in businesses and have come to understand how the impact of the environments we work in can impact our health and well being. It’s fair to say that offices have gone through quite a transformation since the Millenium and there’s now plenty of evidence to prove that quality workspace design leads to a more productive and less stressful atmosphere. The CPP Group (whose reception area I have sketched here) leads by example. As you walk into their third floor Leeds office you can tell that something is different. Here’s a company that ensures work design and organisational culture contributes to a positive work experience for all. When staff are supported with flexible working arrangements, a healthy work / life balance, and manageable targets, then they are more likely to feel supported and engaged in their daily working lives.

I also love the way that the outdoors are brought in! A living plant in every room.