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How to Draw a Christmas Tree!

Have you ever wondered how to draw a Christmas tree as easily as possible? Whether through childhood, with your own children or as grown [...]

5 Top Tips For Composition.

5 Top Tips For Composition! I suspect that there are closer to 50 as opposed to just 5 top composition tips!  There are SO [...]

The Power In Your Sketchbook!

Are you aware of the power in your sketchbook?  I suspect that you rarely approach your sketchbook with thoughts about what the process of [...]

How To Make Time To Draw

How to Make Time To Draw! One of the most common questions I get asked is how to make time to draw. Or, how [...]

How to Draw Anything.

Really? Can you really master how to draw anything? Is this possible?  When I started back into a drawing routine I found myself following [...]

Can Everyone Really Draw?

Can everyone really draw? Up until recently I wasn't at all convinced. That is until I started to teach how to do it. Drawing [...]

My Top 6 Books On Creativity!

I've selected my top 6 books on creativity that I would recommend you to try! I regularly get asked which books I turn to [...]

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