Emily’s Sketch from Scratch Kits are here!

Have you ever wanted to pick up a sketchbook and just DRAW even though you’ve never tried anything like this before? Or perhaps you are interested in returning to sketching after being away from it? Perhaps you are also looking for something to support your wellbeing and carve out time for yourself?

  • Where do you start?
  • What do you draw?
  • How do you fit it in to your schedule?

All questions that I asked myself when I picked up a sketchbook almost 3 years ago.

I’ve put together everything you need to start to learn to draw.

Depending on which you choose, in the Sketch from Scratch Kit you’ll be receiving:

  • Hard cover, all media, acid-free 140 gms cartridge paper sketchbook with 190 pages
  • A B pencil
  • A 0.2 waterproof fineliner pen
  • A rubber
  • A handmade Yorkshire vintage pencil case made by Re-Furnish, a local Yorkshire charity! Read about them here!

But sketching equipment is sometimes not enough!

I totally understand the challenge we all face, not just to start but also to keep going ESPECIALLY if we are pushed for time, or get easily discouraged by what we produce.

When you buy one my sketching kits, I also want to support you start using it!

So… every day for 5 days I’m going to be dropping a “sketch from scratch” lesson into your inbox.

It’s going to include a lesson, top tips, how to get inspired, techniques and a little bit of mindfulness science behind how you can start a sketching habit and keep it going.

It doesn’t stop there though!

When you are part of my community you are going to automatically receive my updates, information about further courses and ongoing support so that you can keep filling that sketchbook!

I can’t wait to help you tell your story one sketch at a time!

Emily x