I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Emily and I am the founder of Emily’s Notebook. A Yorkshire mum of two, I turned to keeping a daily sketchbook a couple of years ago when things weren’t so good and I needed an outlet for my wellbeing. I love creating space in my day and watching the creative magic happen…
…and I believe and know that you can too!

I’m a big believer in the power of keeping a sketchbook to develop my creativity. Whether it’s using it to build a creative routine, learning different skills and techniques, practising ideas or staying motivated and inspired, my sketchbook comes with me everywhere I go.

Emily’s Notebook is passionate about supporting people learn to draw and pick up a sketchbook whenever or wherever they wish. Believe it or not, having the right mindset to build your personal confidence, stay motivated, as well as connect to others who share a love of sketching and drawing, is just as important as filling those pages of your sketchbook.

You’ll find plenty of resources to keep you going whether free online classes, the Signature Sketchbook Course, activity within my learning community or on my blog.

Just make sure to sign up to the community and ensure you’re the first to receive all the very latest news and information.

So, go grab a sketchbook and come with me.

I can’t wait to meet you!