I’ve just loved having a go with Matilda Tristram’s book “A Year in Small Drawings.”  The whole process of developing small thumbnail sketches takes the pressure off having to produce perfect artwork.

This was also a great format for the following reasons;

  1. The kids love it and have a go with me. Their hands are small enough to doodle!
  2. If you are new to drawing – this is the perfect starting point for a sketchbook.
  3. As the skill of the drawing was not the focus of these pages for me playing with colour was.  This is a great format for playing with different colour palettes.  Thumbnail tiles of colour in fact that can be oppostie to one another or different shades of the same colour.  It somehow added to the charm of the thing.
  4. It forces you to find 12 things across your day which in turn contributes to mindfulness.

So – if you haven’t already make sure you check out Matilda Tristram’s “A Year in Small Drawings!”