Its hard to believe that we are now well over 80 days into lock down.

The sketchbook continues to be a wordless repository of memories during this time regardless of how un-wieldly and rough these sketches (and the times in which we live) are.

My little girl sliding down the banister, chocolate brownie making with kitchen paraphernalia, (that frankly I could spend all day drawing), a leather country kitchen chair, brown betty teapots and the advent of asparagus spears for their short season, social distancing coffee through a friend’s window, the children basking in sunshine, flowers ranging from hydrangeas to my weekly supermarket bunches (you’re going to see a lot of those from me over the next few months), a Nottinghamshire village, chickens (love them), allotment irises, and a country house in the distance….

Its clear that a sketchbook can form the basis of an artist’s bible and a place of escape from difficult days.