So you’ve decided you want to give sketchbooking a go. An excellent choice, especially if you are a beginner and new to drawing.

I’m going to be writing a lot about what you can do to stick to your sketchbook commitment.

A sketchbook is the ideal place to gather ideas for what to draw if you are a beginner.

My first sketchbook flip-through started in April 2019. It heralded the start of a new chapter, many new changes that charged at me in a rush and transformed everything about my life. Admittedly, I needed an outlet, something else to focus on while I underwent changes in my life.

I also wanted to improve my drawing technique and chart my progress.

Everyone has these seasons! I just got all four of them at once!

The daily 20 minute ritual of drawing forced me to look beyond myself at the world around me, from the mundane of a jar of marmite to a city skyscraper. I’m constantly challenged with how I view my personal challenges from other perspectives through the very simple, ancient act of drawing.

The daily sketch became something so much more than just about pen to paper and it was only when flipping through these pictures a few months later that I realised how important those days all were.  The power of a sketch has the ability to revoke a memory, remind me of the people I have found and lost and love, the challenges I faced on a particular day that I can laugh about now, the objects that bring comfort (my Roberts Radio) and my development as an artist.

I’m not a big believer in looking back but turning each page brings new meaning and a fondness and appreciation for how far I’ve come.

If you’re new to drawing and want to get better and reading this I’d encourage you to make flip-throughs when you can!

You can start by simply filling your first sketchbook with;

  1. Your surroundings. Sketch every room in your house.
  2. Your favourite and random objects with interesting shapes.
  3. Your favourite foods.
  4. ….And if you get confident enough – your favourite people!

Give each a splash of colour or simply keep as basic sketches.

There just aren’t any bad bits to anything you produce!

If you’re new to sketching and would like some inspiration, help and access to resources to get you going join Emily’s Notebook community for free here. Interested in expanding upon a sketchbook habit? You can access my course on “How to Start and Keep a Sketchbook” here!